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The Day the Sky Went Black

They came without warning, an army of claws, blades, and black wings descended on the land of Tallin from the west. Like a cloud of evil the wicked attackers came from the sky over the Greyfang Mountains. Calamed was the first kingdom to fall to the winged horde, followed by Granthi and Klebe. The refugees crossed the Realm of Tallin and settled in the nation of Arodem seeking protection from their pursuers.

Those who escaped the fallen lands spoke of an army of raven-men called Tengu led by flying she-devils who called themselves the Vatarri.

Some whisper that King Arawn of Arodem was too slow to act. The invaders got a foothold in Arodem, but were eventually driven back when allies came from Hytaria to the south. For three years an uneasy peace was held between the Vatarri and the remaining realms of man. Two months ago King Arawn sent an emissary to the Commander of the Vatarri forces. His party never returned. There are suspicions that the Vatarri plan to break the truce and drive east across Arodem until they reach the capitol of Wyvernclaw. King Arawn has ordered a massive reinforcement of the borders along the Vatarri controlled lands. Many suspect that the Vatarri only took the truce as an opportunity to renew their strength before invading again.

From beyond the borders of Arodem, in the fallen lands of Calamed, Granthi, and Klebe have come horrible tales of what destructions the She Devils have wrought. Most of the inhabitants of those lands have been put o the sword, and the remainder have been put to work as slaves…or worse. There have been rumors that the Vatarri are quite fond of human flesh.

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